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✨Maya is taking requests!🌼

UPDATE: Maya's schedule is now full and will be closed until the next round of bookings. Thank you!

✨now booking for april-june✨

hi friends, we are excited to announce Maya's schedule opening up! they're looking forward to working with you in the upcoming couple of months!

They would love to work with your ideas for custom work and flash pieces - smaller adornments, flowy abstract work, ornamental, horror, and unique placements are especially encouraged this round ☺️

if you only have specific dates that work for you, please make note of that in your request! They will do their best to try and accommodate.

Take a look at their style and remember, we are a custom studio and your ideas will be drawn in the artists style so always make sure you choose your artist according to the work you see in their portfolio! Head over to the request page to submit your ideas!

after submitting a request, please allow time for a response. We appreciate your patience, and are excited to talk about all of your wonderful ideas!

see you soon!💛✨



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