Appointments are always preferred. Please call/message the studio or your  artist of choice for availability.


We adore children, but for their safety as well as the safety of our staff and clients, please do not bring children into the studio unless they are scheduled for an appointment.


Remember to eat and drink plenty of water before coming to your appointment. 

When getting tattooed, wear loose fitting clothing that you would be ok getting ink on.


We welcome approximately one adult in the procedure room with you. Check with your artist on what they are ok with. 


We have specific age requirements for all piercings, please click here for more piercing info. Tattoos for minors is on a very individual basis, please discuss with your artist.  If a minor is having a procedure done, a parent or legal guardian will need to be physically present to fill out a release form with their state issued photo id, and the minor MUST have an id, passport, or birth certificate. 

Please don't record or photograph your procedure or your artist without their permission.

Please don't touch your piercings while in the studio. If you happen to forget, you may help yourself to hand sanitizer, you'll find plenty within the studio.