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Jeff is now booking October and has a few spots left in September. He is focusing on his pre-drawn designs. These are repeated designs. As a bonus he's offering 10% off the following! Fill out a tattoo request form to snag your spot!

Alex Heisler is HERE and is now taking tattoo requests and Stephanie Burg is opening her schedule for the months of November-January! Each artist will only be working within their chosen styles. Please refer to their portfolios to see the tattoos that they focus on. If you don't see what you are looking for with these artists, subscribe to this blog to be notified of when another artist opens up their schedule. ALL of our other tattooers are currently NOT accepting requests. To submit a tattoo request with Alex or Stephanie click HERE

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We are growing! And we are suuuuper excited! Alex will be with us in just 2 weeks so that means very soonish we will have someone accepting new clients! And I KNOW there have been so many folks waiting and waiting and be able to book for a tattoo. The wait is almost over! We will announce here on the blog so subscribe if you would like an email notification whenever she is accepting appointments!

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