Suggested Tattoo Aftercare


1. Remove your bandage in a clean environment with freshly washed hands. If a black bandage was used remove after 2-3 hours. If a Saniderm bandage was used you may leave it on for up to 24 hours. If the bandage sticks while removing it you can run it under warm water.


2. After removing the bandage use a mild soap and warm water to create a lather in your hands and gently clean the tattoo until all ointment, blood, and lymphatic fluid are removed. Pat dry using a clean paper towel. A wet tattoo is very fragile and can be damaged easily, take care! Wash hands and then your tattoo 3-4 times per day in this manner.


3. Allow your tattoo to completely dry before applying lotion. Only use products that are fragrance free for sensitive skin such as Lubriderm.  With clean hands apply a small amount of lotion 3-4 times per day. Do not allow your tattoo to dry out. Dry skin may crack and bleed which will be susceptible to infection and scarring. If you notice a sensitivity to your soap or lotion please contact us so we can offer alternatives.


4. Fresh tattoos go through many normal healing stages which may include: 

   -During the first few days your tattoo may weep lymphatic fluid containing ink. Do not panic, this is not your tattoo falling out, this is simply excess ink being sloughed off from the surface of the skin.

  -You may notice some redness around the tattoo site, this is ok and will recede.

  -You will start to see new skin form over your tattoo as it heals. This will make your tattoo look cloudy and lighter than it did previously. This is ok as your body is doing it's job to heal itself. You will notice the color vibrancy will return.

  -As your tattoo is healing it might begin to scab and itch. It's extremely important to not pick, scratch, or peel your tattoo! If you do you will lift the scab and pull the ink out leaving your tattoo with missing ink and scars. You can lightly slap your tattoo if it's itchy.

  -Your skin will peel and flake as it heals, some of which will be color tinted. This is ok.


5. Avoid swimming, soaking, or bathing while your tattoo is healing. Quick showers are ok but do not allow the water to run over your tattoo for very long. Prolonged exposure to water will draw the ink out. Allow the tattoo to dry before putting clothing back on, remember a wet tattoo is fragile! Wear loose fitting clothing and avoid anything that would cause friction on your new tattoo.


6. Avoid sun exposure with your healing tattoo. Once healed apply sunblock to protect your tattoo from fading.


7. Possible side effects of getting a tattoo include scarring, infection, and allergic reaction. If you notice any excessive swelling, redness, severe itching, pus at the tattoo site, or fever please contact us and/or your healthcare provider for further instruction.


8. Healing times can vary based on the individual. Initial healing takes about 2-4 weeks, while complete healing can take much longer.  Follow the above advice while you still notice a scab or unhealed skin.


9. Marigold Adornment wants you to have a perfect tattoo! Our bodies are a living and moving canvas therefore it is common for tattoos to need a touch up, we offer free touch ups for 6 months following the time of your tattoo. Please contact us with any and all questions!  Enjoy our new tattoo!