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Tattoo Info:


-We are so excited you have decided to get a tattoo, we want to help make sure it’s a smooth and comfortable process for you! Please feel free to discuss with us ways we can accommodate you. We ask that you read the following to help prepare for your big day. 


-We tattoo ages 18 and up. Our minimum is $150. Since we are a custom studio price quotes are not given until you are set up with an artist due to each artist working in a unique style. Each artist prices their own tattoos and can give you a ballpark quote after they discuss with you the details of your ideas.

-Look through portfolios on our website and social media to see our artist's work and the style of tattoos each artist focuses on. Look for tattoos each artist has done that resemble what you are looking for. Choosing your tattoo artist should be based on your trust in that persons work and their style of tattooing.


-After contacting us about getting a tattoo your artist will proceed with the planning phase via email or they may ask for an in person consultation. Prepare for the following questions to be asked big you want your tattoo in inches 2.where on your body it's going 3.reference materials such as drawings, photos, or ideas you have for your tattoo. You should also look through your artist's portfolio to find examples of their work you like to include as reference. This is your time to go over all details regarding your tattoo so please be as thorough as possible. Be advised that our artists have a full schedule of tattoos they draw for and we organize our schedules methodically. We do not have the ability to draw for clients out of order, or to draw and re-draw multiple times, or to draw up multiple versions of your ideas. It is important to have a clear starting point when consulting with your artist. 


-Your artist may ask for a $100 deposit which will go towards the final price of your tattoo. Your deposit is transferrable, but non-refundable and will be forfeited if you cancel without advanced notice. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions the deposit will come off the final session of your tattoo, you may not use it early.


-If multiple people are scheduled in a group, multiple deposits are required. If one or more can’t make it let us know as soon as possible. If you can’t fill that appointment with additional tattoo work to make up for lost time, part or all of that deposit will be forfeited.


-Leading up to your appointment lotion the part of the body being worked on and keep the skin healthy. Do not get sunburned or damage the area we will be working on. If there are any concerns with the area of the body being worked on it may result in not being able to be tattooed.


-The day of your appointment you MUST have your government issued photo ID with you. No exceptions.  Acceptable forms are drivers license or passport. As much as we love children, do not bring children with you to your appointment. They pose a risk to themselves as well as our staff who need to focus on their work. Before bringing a friend, please ask your artist if they are ok having an extra person in the room. Come well rested and sober. Eat a decent meal (not too big) before you get tattooed. Bring water and a light snack in case you get hungry. You may bring headphones to listen to music or watch a show on your device. Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that can be easily moved away from the area being tattooed and that you would be ok getting ink on. Please don’t record or photograph your procedure or your artist without permission.


-Let us know if you have any questions, we look forward to working with you!

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