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We are in the last day of our fundraiser! I'm so excited to see the positive response it has had. Bonfire (the company hosting this fundraiser) will be getting your shirts ready to ship directly to you. Grab one while you still can and if you already did, maybe share the link for one last push! You can buy a shirt and see the amount you all have raised so far by clicking the link. Every cent we receive from Bonfire will be going to Montpelier Alive. Thanks again everyone, Montpelier has such a long road ahead but every little bit helps! 💚

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Buy shirts to benefit Montpelier businesses hurt by the flood!

Design created by Jes Mulcahy to help our community recover. It features our state bird, the Hermit Thrush, Vermont state flower, Red Clover, and the Camel's Hump mountain range in the background. Due to flooding our post office is still closed and we're not able to send or receive mail with regularity for an unknown time, so we have gone with a company that will mail your shirt directly to you! Click the link, pick out your shirt, and it'll arrive at your doorstep! Thanks in advance for your support!


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As most of you know, Montpelier started flooding on Monday July 10th. Our beautiful town and community is devastated. We have been fortunate to have less damage than most downtown businesses and were able to reopen on Friday. During the last week as Michael and Jes were cleaning and repairing Marigold, some of our staff were able to volunteer and help other local businesses and community members. Now that we are back open, Michael and Jes can divide efforts, allowing one of us to be at the studio supporting our staff and one to volunteer and help where needed. As each day unfolds our downtown experiences a range of changing needs. Each business is in a different situation and it can be difficult or impossible for folks to even grasp their losses or what they will need moving forward. We have had so many folks reach out and ask how they can help. While volunteering today, Jes was able to see what might be the most helpful or easy for those not local. Here is our list!

+Our first suggestion is to donate dollars to Montpelier Alive. They are a trusted community organization and invaluable resource for all Montpelier businesses. They will help make sure your dollars go where they need to go. It's a quick and easy way to help right from the comfort of your phone/computer.

+Montpelier Alive also has a volunteer link if you are physically able to help. This means getting right in the thick of it and getting your hands (and whole body) dirty. You can sign up through the link we have provided here OR you can go right to the Montpelier Hub tent between Shaws and The Drawing Board. Walk on up, ask how you can help, they will direct you and they will thank you.

+If you are on your way to see us at Marigold for an appointment, there are some supplies you can donate to us and we will get them to the Hub for distribution. Some helpful items right now are:

-Work Gloves

-Rubber Dish Gloves

-Protective Eyewear

-Individually wrapped snacks

-Cases of drinking water bottles

-Contractor bags

This list will evolve as we continue to hear needs within the community and we will list more items that are helpful.

To all of our friends out of Vermont, I know it's hard to watch from afar, your messages and love have been felt and mean a lot. Here is a photo of our hometown during the flood and where we are for reference, as a lot of you have asked.

Vermont is a strong little state full of kind people and a tight community. We'll get through this!

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