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Maya is taking requests!

Update: the request form is closed. Maya's schedule is full and will be closed until the next found of bookings!

‼️ Same as last an effort to try and open their books more frequently, and shorten the wait times for appointments, they will only be booking out around two months at a time. Unfortunately, that means the amount of available appointments this round is VERY limited and will cover Jan/Feb. We will keep the booking form open until Tuesday morning (12/5/23). Any further openings will be announced from there 💛 We have posted a visual for the available spaces in the images - please keep it in mind when submitting a form!

They will be prioritizing custom projects that are botanical, cute, creepy, and ornamental - as well as anyone looking to work on flash!

‼️as a reminder, all flash is repeatable, and offered at a discounted rate. Small changes may be made to flash upon request :-)

requests can be submitted using the tattoo request form here! responses may take a

week or so - i appreciate your patience and cannot wait to work with you all soon!



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