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Thank you everyone for the outpouring of interest in Maya's hands, feet, and ear flash! It was only a few short days but all of the discounted spots are now full. However, they are still keeping their schedule open for other body parts for custom work for a little bit longer. They are close to reaching the max for this round of openings and their schedule will soon close until the next round. Stay tuned to social media and our blog/website for openings.

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Maya is now available to review your requests! As they are nearing the end of their apprenticeship they are prioritizing this round of openings on hands, feet, and ears at an apprentice rate discount for a limited time! In addition they are also taking custom projects as well as offering pre-drawn designs which can be found on our website at regular rates. Take a look at their style and remember we are a custom studio and your ideas will be drawn in the artists style so always make sure you choose your artist according to what tattoo you would like to achieve! Once this round of bookings fills up, Maya will close their schedule till next time. When you submit your request please allow some time for each request to be thoughtfully considered.


Say whaat?! Not only one, but 2 tattooers opening their books this week! Maya has been hard at work and making awesome strides! They are currently focusing on larger custom pieces (think bigger than palm size) and still at lower "apprentice rates" which won't last forever! Remember that when you submit ideas it will be re-drawn by the artist, that's the beauty of a custom tattoo! They are also still offering their pre-drawn designs. Check out their work to see if their style is what you're looking for as your next tattoo! Then fill out a request form with some detailed info and you should receive a confirmation email! Give them some time to thoroughly review everyone's submissions and you'll get a reply back with further info. While you are waiting for a reply you can review some handy dandy tattoo info to help you prepare. Please stay within Maya's style and if they aren't the artist you've been waiting for then subscribe to this blog to be notified when another artist becomes available, or find us on social media and follow us there!


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