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Welcome Erica!

✨We are so excited to welcome APP member and piercer Erica Martin to Vermont all the way from Florida!✨ Anyone that has been to Marigold knows that we take piercing and jewelry very seriously, everything from a jewelry purchase to more complex piercings requires an appointment and the undivided attention of a fully trained piercer. Hiring a piercer has been no small task in central Vermont so we feel extremely fortunate to have Erica contributing 15 years of piercing and jewelry experience to Marigold. We remain Vermont's only APP member studio and with Michael's 28 years, Jes's 20 years, and now Erica... that brings 63 years of collected piercing skill, jewelry knowledge, and history to our clientele. Erica's professionalism, expertise, and bedside manner aligns perfectly with what you all have grown to expect when you come to Marigold. As you all know we have been super busy, so this is a much needed growth to our team! Thank you all for your patience and support, bring a warm Montpelier welcome to Erica when you see her in the studio!



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